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Relocation Service

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  Relocation Service business. Moving is tough for everyone. Help lighten the load with a relocation service.

  Business Overview

  What does a relocation consultant do? Actually, the list of duties is quite comprehensive. Relocation consultants assist people who are moving domestically or internationally with important issues, such as:
  *. Conducting a needs analysis to create an overall relocation plan to meet each client's specific needs
  *. Creating a profile of their client's new community, including identifying and detailing:   -  Schools and educational facilities  -  Hospitals and health-care facilities  -  Community maps  -  Recreational and entertainment facilities   -  Social service agencies, community associations, business clubs, sports associations, and social clubs
  *. Assisting in helping clients find short- or long-term accommodations if renting, and supply a realtor referral list if buying
  *. Help to hire qualified movers and arrange for transportation of pets and automobiles
  *. Provide clients relocating internationally with cultural awareness tip sheets, translation services, expatriate association information, customs clearances, import documents, and a referral list covering basic service and product providers In short, relocation consultants ensure that clients experience a smooth transition to their new home and communities. Key to success in this business is your ability to build a wide network of business alliances that can refer people to your service, and these include realtors, immigration lawyers, and moving companies.

  The Market

  People and businesses who are relocating (or having their employees relocated) nationally or internationally.
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