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Stock Day Trader

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  Stock Day Trader business. Consider investing in this business if buying and selling is your specialty.

  Business Overview

  With the advent of the internet, an entirely new homebased self-employment opportunity has surfaced. This business has the potential to generate six-figure incomes for everyday Americans who become day traders of stocks and commodities. However, this opportunity certainly has a risky downside, as the potential is as great to lose money as it is to make it -- especially for the novice and inexperienced trader. The key to successfully earning an income as a stock day trader is to gain as much knowledge about the industry as possible. Specialize in a specific type of stock or commodities trading, have considerable investment capital to get rolling, and most importantly nerves of steel and an understanding of what goes up must come down. Remember, most day traders go for short gains, buy in early and sell out the same day. Holding overnight is too much risk, especially for heavily invested traders in unstable market conditions. Of course remember the golden rule of stock and commodities trading: 'never risk more than you can afford to lose.'

  The Market

  People who want to hire someone to manage their stock portfolios
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