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Sharpening Service

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  Sharpening Service business. Nobody likes a dull knife -- help them out.

  Business Overview

  Who needs sharpening services? Lots of people and businesses do, including restaurateurs, caterers, and butchers. There's also a need for saw-blade sharpening for contractors, carpentry shops, and mills; scissors sharpening for hair stylists, barbers, tailors, and seamstresses; and surgical-equipment sharpening for doctors, dentists, and hospitals.
  Depending on the type of equipment you purchase, you can offer customers free pickup of their items to be sharpened, take these items to your workshop to sharpen them, and return them to the customer the same day or the following day. The second option is to operate the business on a mobile basis, from a fully equipped van or trailer, and sharpen items right at your client's location. The easiest way to market sharpening services is to put on a comfortable pair of shoes and get out in the community and talk to businesspeople in need of sharpening services. This may seem old-fashioned, but when you stop to consider that all these items need to be sharpened on a regular basis, you are not just landing one sale, but potentially a customer for life.

  The Market

  Restaurateurs, caterers, and butchers will need their knives sharpened on a regular basis. Contractors, carpentry shops, and mills, hair stylists, barbers, tailors, seamstresses all work with instruments that need to stay sharp, as well as surgical-equipment sharpening for doctors, dentists, and hospitals.

  Needed Equipment

  Sharpening equipment and a van if you'll be operating on a mobile basis.
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