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Singles-Only Event Promoter

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  Singles-Only Event Promoter business. Help singles connect by promoting events designed just for them.

  Business Overview

  Two things make starting a singles-only event promotion business a safe bet in terms of the potential for success and profitability'a 50 percent divorce rate, and people choosing to stay single much longer than in decades past. Lots of people in their, 20s, 30s, 40s and even older -- are still looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right. The result is a whole bunch of single people looking to meet other singles for fun, friendship, and maybe even love. Plan and host singles events such as pub nights, group outings to concerts and sporting events, local and international travel destinations, bingo nights, Saturday morning wilderness hikes, and Thursday night potluck dinners. Providing the events are unique, fun, and exciting, word will spread fast, precluding any need of costly advertising and promotion once the business is established.

  The Market

  Singles of all ages, ethnic groups and religions.

  Needed Equipment

  Desktop computer with the usual office suite and desktop publishing software to create flyers and a website.
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