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Snow and Ice Removal Service

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  Snow and Ice Removal Service business. Help people get around in the winter months with a snow and ice removal service.

  Business Overview

  Depending on your investment budget and on how much money you want to earn, there are a few methods for removing snow and ice during winter months. The most expensive of these is a snowplow and salt spreader mounted on a four-wheel-drive truck. This option will set you back about $2,000 to $3,000 for equipment, less the cost of the truck, but it gives you the potential to do the most work and earn the most income. The second option is a self-propelled snow blower as well as a manual salt spreader for de-icing. Both pieces of equipment are walk-behind models and require a truck or trailer to move from job to job. This is a good option for people wanting to earn extra money on nights and weekends. The third option is the good old Armstrong method. Armed with nothing more than a $20 shovel and bag of salt, you can remove snow and ice. Regardless of the method you choose, snow removal and surface de-icing is an easy service to start, operate, and sell. And even though this is a seasonal and weather-dependent opportunity, it is not uncommon for plow operators to earn $1,000 a day or more when the snow blows.

  The Market

  Businesses and individuals who need to have snow and ice removed from their walkways and driveways.

  Needed Equipment

  Depending on how much you want to invest, equipment can range from a simple shovel, to a snow blower and even a snow plow.
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