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Stump Removal

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  Stump Removal business. For the entrepreneur who's ready to use a little muscle and some big machines to get a job done, there's stump removal.

  Business Overview

  Cutting down a tree is the easy part'getting rid of the stump is the tough part of the job. And that is why homeowners, landscapers, and tree trimmers will be more than happy to pay you a handsome fee to perform stump-removal services. Stump-removal rates fall in the range of $75 to $300 each, depending on size, so return on investment is quick. This is a great part-time business that can easily generate an extra thousand dollars a month, and much more for ambitious entrepreneurs.

  The Market

  Market the service to landscape companies, general contractors, road and sidewalk contractors, tree-trimming services, and by running advertisements in the classifieds section of your community newspaper.

  Needed Equipment

  The fastest and most efficient way to get rid of a tree stump is to grind it out using a stump-grinding machine. Though care is needed to operate stump-grinding machines, they are easy to master nonetheless. These machines are relatively expensive and you will need suitable transportation such as a truck or trailer to move the machine to and from job sites.
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