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Tanning Salon

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  Tanning Salon business. Give people that bronze glow all year with a bulb or spray-on tanning salon.

  Business Overview

  Every day more and more people are giving up natural sun tanning in favor of artificial salon tanning because of the convenience and ability to tan before taking a tropical vacation. So here is your opportunity to open your own tanning salon and cash in on the craze. Salon location will be one of the more important issues to address when getting started. You can operate from home, but doing so will mean that you will miss out on pedestrian and motorist traffic. We suggest renting a storefront in a busy strip plaza with lots of parking and great street visibility as the best option. You will also need to purchase tanning beds and related equipment, which are not cheap but can be rented or leased if your investment budget is tight. This is a competitive industry, so careful research and planning will be needed. The majority of tanning equipment manufacturers and distributors also provide training and other support to new salon owners, so you will not be totally on your own. To help boost revenues and profits, also consider selling sun protection, bathing suits, and sportswear.

  The Market

  People who are looking for the convenience of tanning on their own schedule, no matter the weather.
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