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Advertising Broker

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  Advertising Broker business. Use your sales skills to mediate between ad agencies and content providers.

  Business Overview

  Why pay retail prices to advertise your business? That's the question you'll be asking potential clients if your intentions are to become an independent advertising broker. Purchasing various advertising mediums in advance and in bulk can cut the cost by as much as 50 percent or more. To reinforce this statement, contact your local radio station and ask for the rate for 10 30-second advertising spots vs. 300 30-second advertising spots. The cost difference will amaze you. Once you've successfully negotiated and secured various advertising mediums in bulk, you can start reselling the radio advertising spots, display newspaper ads and more to local businesses at a cost savings to them of 25 percent off the regular rates. Providing clients with a 25-percent discount will still leave you with a 25-percent markup or more on the advertising spots and spaces you've sold.

  Needed Equipment

  This business will only require a basic office setup, including a good computer and phone system.
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