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Auto Performance Center

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  Auto Performance Center business. If you like the idea of bling, consider a store that sells flashy auto products.

  Business Overview

  With more than 100 million cars and trucks registered in the United States, you can't go wrong with starting an auto performance center that specializes in selling the latest and hottest automobile accessories. Stock and sell items such as mag rims and tires, wheel covers, engine performance parts, audio equipment and alarms, spoilers and body kits, and sport driving lamps. This type of retail business is very costly to establish so planning and research will be of the greatest importance. Also be sure to locate the business in a building that will enable you to carry out installations of these accessories. The installation aspect of the business can be partnered with a mechanic; you sell the products and they install the products at your location. With service and installation space you'll also be able to provide customers with additional services, such as detailing, interior cleaning, and window tinting.
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