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Bicycle Repair Service

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  Bicycle Repair Service business. Turn your love for cycling into a bike repair business.

  Business Overview

  How profitable can a bicycle repair service be? Just ask any one of the thousands of bicycle repair shop owners who are now making a handsome profit from their business. A bicycle repair service is a fantastic new venture to start for the following reasons:
  *. The business can be started and operated from a homebased workshop
  *. Low initial startup investment and minimal monthly operating overheads
  *. Proven consumer demand for bicycle repairs that increases each year
  *. Ability to earn $40 per hour or more, and additional profits can be made on parts sales
  *. Part-time or full-time opportunity that has very flexible operating hours
  *. Repair skills needed to operate the business are minimal and can be learned very quickly  As you can see, there are many benefits to starting a bicycle repair service on a full- or part-time basis.

  The Market

  Whether it's replacing a bicycle chain or fixing a flat tire, your business will serve anyone needing repair work done. Be sure to establish alliances with bicycling clubs and organizations in the community, as the membership of these clubs can become potential customers of the bicycle repair business.
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