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Bronze Baby Shoes

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  Bronze Baby Shoes business. Solidify your customer's greatest memories.

  Business Overview

  Preserving baby shoes, toys and keepsakes with a bronzing service is a surefire winner. Low investment, low overhead, unique and little competition means big profits for you. To get started, you'll need to invest a small amount of money into equipment and samples, but that's about it. Start by simply producing samples of your bronzing work and ask local baby and child-related stores if you can display the sample. Provide the retailers with order forms, bags and nametags for the items to be bronzed. The retailers' customers will simply drop off the items they want bronzed and pick up the items from the same retailer a week later. In exchange for the retailer providing this service for you, give them a 35-percent commission of the total sale. There should be no problem in getting retailers on board since they're not required to buy or warehouse any inventor for you.
  Another way to boost sales is to offer in-store hand- and foot-printing. Set up a once-a-month date in your partner stores when parents can bring in their babies. Take the prints and the pertinent information, and send them a lovely framed picture with their baby's information and prints a week later.
  You can also offer an online service. Customers will mail you the baby shoes or other items, and you can send them back finished a week later. You can add a shipping-and-handling charge for your trouble. By the time you pay for your online overhead, it should be on par with the 35-percent commission you have to pay retail outlets.

  The Market

  Your customers are parents who want keepsakes of their childrens' first years.

  Needed Equipment

  Bronzing equipment and means to display the shoes once they're created. You'll also want to create nice packaging for your finished product.
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