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  Tour Guide business. Set your sights on a business that shows the sites.

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  Do you live in a tourist area, and do you know that area well? If so, why not consider starting a business as a personal tour guide. This type of enterprise can be managed from a home office, started for less than $1,000, and has the potential to produce an income that can easily exceed $50,000 per year. The key to success in becoming a personal tour guide is to promote your service aggressively, build contacts with companies and individuals that can help you succeed, and to provide clients with the best time of their vacation. Currently, tour guides are charging clients around $125 for half-day tours, and as much as $200 for full-day tours, plus the cost to provide transportation and tickets to events or local attractions. Companies and individuals to build alliances with, in terms of generating referrals, are limousine companies, hotels and hotel employees, business event planners, and travel agents.
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