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Canoe and Kayak Rentals

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  Canoe and Kayak Rentals business. Paddle your passions into a canoe and kayak rental business.

  Business Overview

  Starting a canoe and kayak rental business will not leave you up the financial river without a paddle, as this is one of the best low-investment rental businesses that can be started. A canoe and kayak rental business can be established in a few different operating formats. With the first, you can supply canoes or kayaks to marinas and waterfront hotels and split the rental revenues that are generated. The second option is you can operate a canoe and kayak rental business from your own rented waterfront location. Or, the third option, you can run the business from home, advertising through print media to attract customers who can simply pick up the rental item from you, or you can deliver the rental equipment to the customer. The second and third options will generate the most income for the business, as well as give you the most control over the business and rental equipment.

  The Market

  Your customers will be adventure lovers and nature enthusiast.
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