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Caricature Artist

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  Caricature Artist business. The profits this business can draw up is no laughing matter.

  Business Overview

  Big, easily recognizable heads and faces with small bodies is funny stuff, especially if the caricature is of a person we know and do business with. If you've got the skill, why not produce these portraits yourself? All you need is art supplies, some portraits to display, and a great location such as a downtown outdoor mall, fair or amusement park. You can also contract your services to corporations for company picnics, or create portraits of staff or owners for company brochures or the office. This works best as a part-time gig, but depending on how much you charge per portrait, it could add up to some nice pocket change.

  The Market

  Your customers will usually be tourists looking for a fun souvenir.

  Needed Equipment

  All you'll need is an easy-to-carry easel, stool, art supplies, and a way to display portraits. You may also want to offer an inexpensive way to instantly frame the art.
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