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Ceramic Tile Sales and Installation

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  Ceramic Tile Sales and Installation business. You'll be floored by the profits you can make by selling and installing ceramic tile.

  Business Overview

  Here's a great little business venture you can start for a very small investment and manage from a homebased office. Ceramic tiles will always be a popular choice for a flooring finish, due to their low maintenance and high durability features. Ceramic tile flooring is also very attractive and adds value to any home. To be successful in this venture you'll need experience and knowledge in the installation of ceramic tile flooring, or have access to qualified tradesmen to do the actual flooring installations. Operating as a subcontractor service for construction and renovation companies is the logical starting point for this business and as a method of keeping the initial business startup costs to a minimum.

  The Market

  Your customers will be homeowners looking to update or install new flooring.
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