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  Shared Office Center business. Got office space? Monthly rent can be expensive for small businesses, but offering up a shared office center is a win-win situation for you and your small business tenants.

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  Shared office facilities are very popular, and the demand for low-cost shared office rentals continues to increase right across North America. As an alternative to working from home many small companies are utilizing shared office space as a way to keep monthly overheads manageable, and shared office centers usually consist of 20 to 30 small individual offices housed within one location. A shared office center can be started on a reasonable investment of about $25,000 and can return very good profits. Additional revenue can be generated from providing your tenants with a wide range of 'extra services,' such as reception and secretarial services, high-speed photocopying, parcel shipping and receiving, and boardroom facilities. The individual offices can be rented furnished or unfurnished'providing this option to tenants is also an excellent way to increase your business income with furniture and equipment rentals.
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