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Vacation Property Rental Agent

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  Vacation Property Rental Agent business.

  Business Overview

  Do you live in a busy tourist area where there are literally thousands of seasonal and year-round vacation homes? If so, this business start-up will be of particular interest to you. Many people purchase vacation homes in the hopes they will be able to rent the property to tourists for part of the year as a way to reduce the costs of owning and maintaining their vacation property. Unfortunately, rental income often fails to materialize, as the property owners do not realize how much time and work is involved to rent their properties effectively. As a result the property sits vacant, or is sold due to the lack of rental income. This fact creates a terrific opportunity to start a vacation rental service that also provides property maintenance and management services for the owners of vacation properties. The business can be managed from a home office and started on a part-time basis while the business is establishing a good reputation for service and reliability in the vacation property rental industry.
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