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  Corporate Retreats business. With thousands of retreat sites being unused by corporations, renting out these destinations may amount to your dream job.

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  Uniting corporate retreats from around the world into a corporate retreat vacation club may be just the answer to your business startup dreams. There are thousands of vacation retreats owned by corporations from around the globe, and many of these corporate retreats sit vacant for a great deal of the year. Herein lies the business opportunity. Start a business that manages and rents corporate retreats to business and pleasure travelers when the vacation property is not in use by the corporation. Revenues could be generated from the weekly and monthly rental rates for the vacation retreats, and the fee for managing and renting the retreats could be 25 percent to 35 percent of the total rental revenue generated. Corporations would save money on property management costs, as well as gain rental revenue, and business and pleasure travelers would have access to a wide range of well-equipped vacation properties around the world.
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