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Dent Removal Service

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  Dent Removal Service business. Dent removal and paint touch-up is a much-needed service and skill.

  Business Overview

  Do you want to make as much as $75,000 per year operating your own business? If so, perhaps you should consider starting a dent removal and paint touch-up service. A dent removal and paint touch-up service specializes in removing small dents, such as door dents, hail damage, and touching up small areas of paint that have been damaged. Potential customers can include just about anyone with a small dent they want removed from their vehicle. However, to truly succeed in this business, alliances should be established with auto dealers of new and used vehicles. Having a small dent removed from a vehicle can increase the retail sales value of a car by $1,000 or more, making this a worthwhile service for auto dealers to use.

  The Market

  Anyone who has a dent or ding that needs to be fixed
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