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Door Hanger Service

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  Door Hanger Service business. Although this advertising method is often overlooked by companies, it certainly grabs the customer's attention.

  Business Overview

  Thousands of renovation and home service companies are missing out on a very effective and extremely low-cost advertising method for their business. And you can capitalize financially by introducing them to this advertising medium by starting your own door hanger design and delivery service. Door hangers are simply a type of marketing brochure that has been designed to fit over a doorknob or door handle. What makes door hangers such an effective advertising medium is the fact that door hangers are noticed as people enter their homes. Additionally, door hangers can also act as a discount coupon with a company advertising message printed on the front and coupon or special promotion printed on the back of the door hanger. Current delivery rates are in the range of 25 to 30 cents per door delivered, plus design and printing costs.

  The Market

  Any company looking for a new marketing campaign

  Needed Equipment

  A computer and desktop publishing software to design the hangers, and a car for delivery
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