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Vintage Clothing

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  Vintage Clothing business. They're so old, they're trendy again.
  A vintage clothing shop is a classic way to bring back old styles.

  Business Overview

  The value and popularity of collectible clothing has been on a steady increase for the past decade and this demand for outfits from the '40s to the '80s shows no signs of diminishing. Starting a business that sells vintage duds from a retail storefront or online is a fantastic venture.
  If you're choosing to go online with this idea, there are various money-making options available. You can charge people a fee to list items for sale, sell banner advertising space, participate in online auctions or, the most obvious choice, scout out collectible clothing yourself in thrift stores, yard sales, online auctions or directly from sellers, and sell it online for a profit.

  The Market

  You will have a lot of young people looking for hot retro fashions, but you can also do good business in costumes. Halloween will be a busy time for you, and you might want to send fliers to local theatre groups and schools.
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