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Payday Loans And Check Cashing

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  Payday Loans And Check Cashing business. This business helps those in need of some financial aid, another way it shows it pays to help.

  Business Overview

  Payday loans and check cashing have become one of the fastest growing segments of the financial and investment industry, and for good reason; the profit potential is outstanding. To reinforce this statement considers the following: Typically, a check cashing service will charge customers 3 percent of the total as a service fee to cash a check. While 3 percent might not add up to a lot over the course of a week, it sure can over the period of a year. If you started with a mere $1,000 and cashed a check for that amount every day, at the end of the year your $1,000 initial investment would have generated $1,095 in check cashing service fees, or a 1,100 percent return on investment. Now imagine 10, 20, or 30 times that amount on a yearly basis. Furthermore, even a higher rate of return can be earned on short-term payday loans, making this a financial service to seriously consider as a new business venture.
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