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Wedding Cake Sales

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  Wedding Cake Sales business. Cash in on weddings with your culinary craft.

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  Designing and creating one-of-a-kind wedding cakes is truly an art form. However, for the creative entrepreneurs that possess this talent, an incredible part-time business opportunity awaits by starting a business that makes and sells wedding cakes. Many wedding cakes can retail for as much as $500 each or more, and generally only cost about 20 percent of the retail value to make. Building alliances with wedding planners and caterers is the fastest way to establish the business, even though it'll probably mean splitting the revenue or selling the wedding cakes on a wholesale basis. Additionally, be sure to check local requirements in terms of operating this business from home, as health board permits may be required. If the business cannot be operated from home, inquire at local restaurants to see if a commercial kitchen can be rented on an hourly basis during nonbusiness hours to make the wedding cakes. Operating this type of specialty food business can generate an income of $300 or more each week on a part-time basis, making this a business opportunity well worth further investigation.
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