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Specialty Rug Sales

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  Specialty Rug Sales business. Rugs may get walked all over, but that doesn't mean customers don't want them to look good.

  Business Overview

  Here are two options for starting a business that retails Oriental, Indian, and Persian rugs and carpets. The first option is to locate and secure a foreign supplier for the carpets and negotiate an exclusive sales and distribution contract to represent their products in the United States. The second option is to purchase secondhand high-quality carpets and resell them for a profit. The second option is substantially less capital intensive to start and operate. However, the profit potential for the business is also somewhat limited to the availability of a plentiful product source. Regardless of the way the business is approached and established, the fact remains, handmade Eastern rugs and carpets are in very high demand by consumers and professional decorators, and often one single carpet can retail for as much as $10,000. This opportunity definitely warrants further investigation as the potential for huge profits awaits the enterprising entrepreneur who successfully establishes this business.
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