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  Tanning Salon business.

  Business Overview

  The quest for the perfect suntan has come under fire in the past decade, as health concerns about skin damage and diseases caused by the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun have been splashed across the headlines of every newspaper and TV news report. Herein lies the business opportunity. People seek the perfect suntan, but health concerns prevent many of us from sunbathing. So the solution is simple. Start a tanning salon business and capitalize not only on consumer demand for the perfect suntan, but also on public concerns. A tanning salon is a very easy business to get rolling, as there are no regulations or special business skills required. There is also a limited downside, as the demand for the service has been established and proven. There are, however, specific aspects of the business that must be addressed and considered. the business location. Like any business that operates from a fixed location and depends on customers to come to the business to generate sales and revenues, the business location for a tanning salon is very important. Consider the following in terms of the right business location:
  *. Good street visibility, easy access, and customer parking.
  *. Located in an area with the right customer profile or demographics'an average to higher family income as the people are more likely to travel.
  *. The location should also be the right size, and not give the appearance of being too cramped or small, or being empty. The building and unit should be in good repair to give clients the feeling of comfort.
  advertising and marketing. How do you effectively advertise, promote, and market a new tanning salon, especially if the advertising budget is limited? Here are a few suggestions.
  *. Build alliances with all the local travel agents and brokers in your community. The travel agents can provide their clients who are traveling to sunny destinations with 10 percent off coupons for your tanning salon to get a jump-start on their vacation tans. And, you can provide all of your clients with travel points, meaning that every time they use the suntanning salon you give them one travel point. Each point can represent $1 towards the cost of a vacation booked through a travel agent or cross promotion partner.
  *. Print and distribute two-for-one suntanning coupons for the initial grand opening promotion.
  *. Provide customers with a multitanning pass option, meaning that clients could have the option of prebuying ten tanning sessions for the price of eight.
  additional products and services. Beyond providing customers with a suntanning service, how can a tanning salon generate additional business revenues and profits? Here are a few suggestions:
  *. Stock and sell suntan oil and sunscreen lotions.
  *. Establish a joint venture with a massage therapist. Not only will this reduce overhead by sharing expenses, but also each business can attract new clients from the other business's customers.
  *. Stock and sell beachwear and sportswear from the tanning salon.
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