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  Pet Doors business. Provide the door to let pets out when nature calls.

  Business Overview

  There are estimated to be more than 30,000,000 house pets in North America. And if you have a dog or cat, then you are well aware of the fact that they may have to get outside for a host of reasons. Unfortunately, once in a while our schedules conflict with our pets' call to nature conflicts. Enter the solution: the installation of a pet door enabling dogs and cats the freedom to enter the safety of a fenced yard regardless of the time of day. The best way to get this business moving is to market the installation service through all the pet stores in your community. This marketing method can be a great way for you to kick start your new business venture into action. The pet stores should have no reasons not to assist you, as they will be selling the doors and retaining their retail markup. Alternatively, you could also supply the pet doors; or even better, you could manufacture, retail, and install the pet doors for maximum profit returns. To assist in researching the business, I contacted three pet stores; all are well known and established in my community. Two of the stores offered the pet doors for sale.
  However, not one of these stores offered or provided the service of installing the pet door. Conclusion: Check in your local area, and if your research draws the same conclusion as mine, then this business may be a good opportunity for you to start and operate your own fun, profitable, and independent business.
  requirements: In terms of special skill requirements there are few to mention, other than a very basic knowledge of operating power tools. The business also has no requirements that have to be met in terms of building codes, permits, and special government regulations.
  start-up costs: A pet door sales and installation service can easily be launched for less than $1,000 including the required tools, product samples, and a small initial advertising and marketing budget. profit potential: For this type of service the pricing structure can be kept very basic. Charge a flat fee for the installation of the door with the only variable being the type of door you will be installing. Should you encounter situations that require the pet door to be installed into wall areas instead of a door, I would suggest that this service be priced on a time plus material basis. Generally for this kind of specialized installation service the installation rates would be in the $25 to $40 per hour range, plus a product markup on any and all pet door sales.
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