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Specialty Soaps

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  Specialty Soaps business. Clean up by producing specialty soaps.

  Business Overview

  Making and selling specialty soaps is a business enterprise that can include the entire family. The business can easily be set up and run from home and will not require very much investment capital to get rolling. There are hundreds of soap making recipes available, or you can create your own recipes for making soap. The equipment needed for the manufacturing of soap is inexpensive and can be purchased at many craft supply stores. In addition to manufacturing the soaps, be sure to give careful consideration to how the product will be marketed. One idea may be to design a POP (point of purchase) display and establish accounts with local retailers to stock the POP displays and sell the soaps. Providing the POP displays are in the right retail locations to attract maximum customer interest and the packaging of the product is unique and attractive, you will be well on the way to establishing a profitable and personally rewarding homebased soap manufacturing business.
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