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  Deck Builder business. Use carpentry skills to build the foundation for customers' leisure.

  Business Overview

  One of the fastest-growing segments of the home improvement industry is designing and building custom sundecks that can easily reach $25,000 and beyond, and include features such as built-in planters, hot tub gazebos, glass or cast-iron handrails, atmosphere lighting, and custom-manufactured wood patio furniture to match the deck's design. There are a number of ways that you can get started marketing deck design and building services. One is to sell directly to homeowners using advertising and home-and-garden-show displays to collect and qualify leads. If you choose this route of establishing alliances with landscape designers, real estate agents, and architects, their referral of your services to their clients will prove invaluable. A second way is to subcontract your services to established building and renovation companies, and design and build sundecks for their clients. This option will likely mean less overall profit, but it is generally faster to get up and running. Do keep in mind that in most areas of the country, installing sundecks requires a building permit. There are also building codes in place for the construction specifications of sundecks that must be met. Equipment such as table saws, compound power miter saws, drills, and a host of hand tools will also be required, but many of these can be rented at first to keep start-up costs to a minimum. Starting this business requires construction experience and skills, as well as creative design abilities.
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