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  Demolition Service business.

  Business Overview

  Forget about starting a traditional demolition service, the kind that requires heavy equipment to knock down office buildings and houses, and instead specialize in small residential and commercial demolition jobs overlooked by the big guys. These small demolition jobs include knocking down walls for homeowners and contractors, removing decaying fences and small outbuildings like garages, and removing kitchen cabinets, carpets, and plumbing fixtures to make way for new renovations. I operated a renovation service for many years and can tell you firsthand that demolition services specializing in small jobs that remove debris from job sites are in big demand. What makes this a great opportunity is simple: Contractors and renovation companies typically carry out demolition work needed to clean an area so they can get started on the rebuilding process involved with renovations. The problem is that in most situations, the contractor ends up using carpenters to do the job, carpenters who are overqualified and overpaid to much to do work that could be done for much less. This means less profit for the contractor, and a sore back for the carpenter. So by forming a crew of qualified laborers capable of demolition work, you can subcontract your small-job demolition crew to contractors, renovators, and homeowners. You will need to invest in trucks and equipment, but the return on investment is quick.
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