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  Online Campus Coupons business. Make money while helping students save theirs.

  Business Overview

  The major difference between campus coupon books in print and online campus coupons is how the two business ventures generate revenues and profits. As mentioned above, merchants advertise for free in print coupon books and consumers pay for the coupon books in order to be able to take advantage of the discounts offered within. Online coupons are free for consumers to download and print and merchants pay a fee to have their coupon offer posted on the website. The format for this type of website is straightforward. The site is indexed into various product and service sections such as apparel and entertainment. Visitors simply click onto the section that is of interest and view the coupon offers. One of the best aspects about providing campus coupons online as opposed to in print format is the fact that you can operate the business from one location and service many regions of the country by employing sales consultants to market the online coupon service to merchants locally.
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