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  Extras-Only Agent business. They may not be the big starts, but movie extras can still make you money as an agent.

  Business Overview

  The film and TV production industry is booming, and starting an extras-only casting agency can potentially secure you a portion of this multibillion-dollar industry. Extras casting is simply supplying people to act as background performers in a film production. Typically extras or background performers represent every walk of life in terms of race, age, gender, size and appearance. The key to succeeding in this very competitive industry is without question to build and maintain a good contact base and working relationship with film producers, directors and other casting agencies. These are the people and companies that will call upon your service to supply extras for film work. In terms of revenue generation for the business, an extras agent retains 10 percent of a background performer's wage in the form of a commission, so it is important to work in volume.
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