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  Online Actors Directory business. Give actors a place to promote themselves online.

  Business Overview

  In North America thousands of actors and models are hoping to be 'found' and creating an actors directory website might just make you a financial star. You can charge actors and models a small yearly fee to post their headshot and portfolio pictures on the site. Directors, casting agents and producers who visit the site would only be a click away from finding the perfect person for the role they are trying to cast. The site will have to be indexed for search purposes by age, gender, race, experience, etc. The key to success for this type of online venture will be to attract people that do the hiring in the film and modeling industry to use the site. This can be accomplished by initiating a direct mail and e-mail campaign explaining the site and the benefits of using it. Once established, you could even branch out and include film crew listings, film prop rentals and production site information.
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