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Entertainment Hotline Service

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  Entertainment Hotline Service business. Know exactly what kind of entertainment people want over the phone?  Set it up and make it a business!

  Business Overview

  Just about any determined entrepreneur who is willing to work hard and practice good business skills can tackle starting and operating an entertainment hotline service in your community. Simply start an entertainment hotline service that features various events taking place in the community on the specific day and week. Callers to the free entertainment hotline would be able to choose from an index of categories that could include movie listings, community events, restaurants, concerts, and plays. Additionally, if any of the businesses featured on the hotline service wanted to offer discounts or special pricing for events on the service, they would be encouraged to do so. Revenues for the business would be earned by charging the companies featured on the entertainment hotline service a monthly fee for membership to the service. Providing 100 to 150 companies could be secured and featured on the entertainment hotline, the business could prove to be very profitable.
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