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Online Wedding Singer Directory

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  Online Wedding Singer Directory business. Brides will be able to find the perfect wedding singer easily with an online directory.

  Business Overview

  Start by developing a website that is indexed by state and city. Next solicit wedding singers to post information about their service on the site. In exchange for a monthly listing fee singers featured on the site would receive a listing linked to a pop-up page that describes their service, rates and contact information. Additionally, with specialized programming you could even include audio sound options for the singers as well as a complete menu of the songs they perform. Activating a direct mail and e-mail campaign aimed at wedding and event planners as well as utilizing the usual internet marketing could promote the site and advertising methods such as search engine registration and hyperlinks. Also incorporate additional wedding singer information and trivia into the site like top first songs, most requested wedding songs, etc. Incorporating this type of content into a website makes the site much more interesting to visitors.
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