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  Music Fest Promoter business. Combine advertising expertise with love for music.

  Business Overview

  Music festivals are extremely popular entertainment events across North America, and becoming a music festival promoter is an outstanding opportunity for the entrepreneur that is seeking to start a part-time business. The business concept is basic and you can get started by first deciding what type of music festival or festivals you want to promote; country and western, jazz, rock, or folk. The choices are unlimited, as different music styles appeal to everybody. Consider the following six-step process to establishing the business.
  1. Secure a suitable location for the music festival, such as a park, beach, outdoor arena, or farmland.
  2. Apply for and secure all required permits from local government agencies.
  3. Secure performers and vendors for the festival.
  4. Build alliances with co-sponsors for the event, such as TV and radio stations.
  5. Assemble a volunteer workforce to assist in operating the event. This can usually be accomplished by joining forces with a local charity that receives a portion of the admission sales.
  6. Print and sell tickets. There is a great amount of research and planning required to organize and host a music festival; however, once established the festival can be held annually and even expanded to additional communities.
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