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Singles-Only Dances

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  Singles-Only Dances business. Play the match-making field with singles that want to meet face to face.

  Business Overview

  How big is the potential market for a business that organizes and hosts singles-only dances? Very big, and to back up this statement, consider the following two facts:
  1. People are waiting longer than any other previous generation before they get married.
  2. The United States and Canadian divorce rate is at a staggering 40 percent. Initiating a business that organizes and hosts singles-only dances is not only an easy business to get rolling, it is also a business that can be started from home and operated on a part-time basis. The fastest way to get the first dance organized is to form a joint venture with a nightclub or dance hall on the following basis: You supply the people for the dance event and keep the ticket revenues, while the owner of the dance hall or nightclub profits from the refreshment sales.
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