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DVD Rentals

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  DVD Rentals business. Be surrounded by movies galore by starting a DVD rental business.

  Business Overview

  Opening a store that rents DVDs is a very exciting business opportunity that has potential for gigantic growth, as DVDs are relatively new to the market and consumer demand for DVD players and movies has manufacturers of these products scrambling to keep up with orders. Furthermore, a DVD rental store is also much less costly to open in terms of the movie rental inventory, as traditional VHS videos can cost as much as $100 for a new release. A new-release DVD only costs between $30 and $70 each. Additionally, as a method to further reduce initial start-up costs for the business, consider establishing the business in an existing retail store such as a large food market. This type of location for the business can have many benefits, including sharing monthly overhead costs, capitalizing on an existing customer base, and forming a joint advertising and promotional program.
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