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Indoor and Outdoor Specialty Advertising

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  Indoor and Outdoor Specialty Advertising business. Have an eye for great places to advertise?  Hook clients up with great outdoor advertising.

  Business Overview

  In the spirit of being unique, consider these indoor and outdoor advertising opportunities that perhaps might be the right new venture for you to specialize in.
  Window Billboards Vacant storefronts and professional offices that don't use window space for display purposes are highly and potentially profitable places to display window billboards. Window billboards are two-foot by three-foot color poster advertisements that are laminated in plastic. The mini billboards can be installed in commercial window spaces using small and transparent suction cups. Strike deals with retailers, property owners and professional offices to join your window billboard advertising program. In exchange for allowing the window billboards to be displayed, participants would receive 40 percent of the monthly revenues the window billboards generate. Solicit local merchants and service providers to rent the advertising spaces at $50 per month plus the cost to create the poster.
  Golf Driving Ranges If your local golf driving range has an advertising program in place then you should seriously consider approaching the management of such a facility to initiate one. There are two fantastic locations for highly visible advertising at most golf driving ranges: tee box dividers and distance targets. The golf driving range provides the space for the advertisements and you market the program to local businesses that want this type of advertising exposure. Split the revenues with the golf range and all win.
  Telephone Booths Indoor and outdoor telephone booths and enclosures are fantastic venues to feature advertising place cards. Once again if your local telephone company does not have this type of advertising program in place, then this could be your opportunity to make arrangements to operate the program for them.
  Washrooms Who would want to advertise their business in a washroom? Lots of businesses. Why? A captive audience. Washroom advertising has become extremely popular in the last few years, and many media companies are feverishly working to secure the rights to the busiest washrooms, both public and private, across the country. However, this doesn't mean not to start this type of unique advertising service as there are millions of good location, and it will take years before the market is saturated. Washroom ads are generally 12 inches wide and 18 inches high, full color, and sealed in an aluminum frame with a plastic covering face. The ads are typically installed beside vanity mirrors, above urinals and on the back of stall doors. Good washroom locations include airports, restaurants, bars, roadside rest stops, community markets, sports complexes and arenas.
  Delivery Vehicles In every community across North America there are delivery vehicles of all sizes that make fantastic mobile billboards. Strike a partnerships with a courier company, moving company, or basically any company that operates a fleet of service or delivery vehicles to initiate an advertising program. The delivery company allows their vehicles to have advertisements installed on them, and you promote and sell the advertising spaces and split the ad revenues with the delivery company.
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