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Drive-By Broadcasting

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  Drive-By Broadcasting business. Help people promote their businesses with short-range FM broadcasts.

  Business Overview

  You can start an advertising business that rents low-powered FM transmitters for less than a $10,000 initial investment, and the profit potential is outstanding. The FCC allows low-powered FM transmitters to be used without the purchase of a license. There are regulations, such as the maximum broadcasting range is 100 feet and transmissions must not interfere with existing transmissions. However, these regulations are easy to conform to, especially if you purchase the right equipment that has been specifically designed to meet these regulations and to be used for specialty advertising purposes. Typically a sign is used to promote the broadcast, asking people passing by to tune into a frequency on their FM dial and listen to a prerecorded message, which is usually playing on a continuous loop. At one time the quality of these prerecorded messages were at best described as poor, but with the advent of digital technology it is now possible to record the message digitally and at a much higher quality. This type of advertising promotion is excellent for real estate agents to use the promoting a house-for-sale listing, car dealers to promote service specials or car listings, fitness clubs to promote membership sales, and retailers of all sorts to promote sales and clearance events. The cost of each individual broadcasting transmitter is reasonably priced is $500 range, and rentals for the equipment are typically in the range of $75 to $100 per week. Some operators of these broadcasting businesses will even let clients have use of the equipment at no charge, providing they pay a fee to have their message professionally recorded by their service. There are many options available for the clever entrepreneur to profit in this home based business on a full- or part-time basis.
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