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Junkyard Sculptures

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  Junkyard Sculptures business. Turn trash into treasure with your artistic skills.

  Business Overview

  There are two ways to make money in a junkyard sculpture business. The first, create and sell art sculptures made from junkyard items. The second, supply art schools and artists with interesting junkyard items. In both instances a little bit of innovation can make you a lot of money. When my wife and I were first married, like most newlyweds money was tight. Out of 50 percent inspiration and 50 percent desperation my wife decided to try and remedy the situation by creating a part-time income to supplement our family income. Her choice was to go to auto recycling yards and purchase old car springs for about 25 cents apiece. Once home she sanded and painted the springs lively colors and placed silk flower arrangements inside. The recycled car springs became known as "Spring's Springs." She sold "Spring's Springs" to gift shops, garden centers, and interior designers on a wholesale basis, and it didn't take long until it became a full-time and very profitable venture. There are a great deal of business opportunities available or that can be created. Sometimes, it just requires us to open our minds to imaginative ideas.
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