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Tender Researcher

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  Tender Researcher business. Startup a home base business in international tender research for clients.

  Business Overview

  A tender research service is an outstanding new business opportunity to put into action for the entrepreneur that is seeking to own and operate a homebased business that has the potential to generate an income of $50,000 per year or more. Simply put, a tender research service does exactly that, researches tender information from across North America, and in some cases even the world. The best method for operating a tender research service is to simply charge all clients the same fee, say $50 per month. In exchange for the fee, clients would receive by way of e-mail or fax all tender information related to their business or industry. The main requirement for operating a tender research service is to have excellent research skills, and locating tender information can be accomplished by surfing the Web, as well as subscribing to daily newspapers and trade publications from around the globe. One hundred clients each paying a mere $50 per month for the service will result in business revenues of $60,000 per year.
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