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  Online Tender Directory business. Make access to tender research easily accessible to clients when beginning this directory.

  Business Overview

  Corporations, government agencies, and organizations of all sorts place thousands of tender display advertisements in newspapers annually. The cost of one ad can be as much as $1,000. Now imagine if that same corporation could post as many tenders as they wanted to online for an annual cost of only $99. Could this type of Web site become popular for companies and agencies to post tenders as well as for contractors seeking to secure tenders? Of course it could, thus creating a fantastic business opportunity by developing a Web site that exclusively featured tender information and contracts available. The site would have to be indexed by tender subject such as construction, maintenance service, computer hardware, etc. Contractors wishing to bid for a tender could simply view listing and tender information and even download tender documents right online. This type of online venture will require a substantial investment to develop and market the site. However, once established the profit potential is outstanding.
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