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Matting and Framing Shop

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  Matting and Framing Shop business. Help customers frame items for their homes and businesses.

  Business Overview

  There is a lot of competition in the art framing and matting industry, and it can only mean one of two things. No one is making any money. Or, the second and more logical meaning, this is big business and there is plenty of work and profits to go around. Framing stores are relatively inexpensive to start and operate and, like a lot of retail products and services sold, there are gigantic markup percentages placed on the wholesale costs of art and picture framing goods. A large markup allows most retail operations the ability to survive and continue to offer valuable products and services to consumers. Begin with researching your local market to determine if there is a demand for this service or room for an additional framing store. The business requires some special skills, in terms of making custom frames and cutting glass. However, both of these skills can be mastered in a short period of time, and you can generally find instruction classes offered on these subjects in your local community.
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