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Hand-Painted Calendars

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  Hand-Painted Calendars business. Handwork turns everyday items into sentimental creations.

  Business Overview

  Small business and large corporations alike give away millions of calendars every year in hopes that they will be posted in a visible area and remind customers of their products and services. Starting a business that produces hand-painted calendars enables you to fill the growing market demand for calendars while making excellent profits for yourself. Hand-painted calendars make wonderful gifts for business owners to give to special customers and clients. Using watercolor paints to depict landscapes or pictorial themes, you can create the calendars quickly and inexpensively. Marketing the calendars can also be inexpensive. All that is required are a few samples of your work and some time to stop into businesses and present your talents. Or in other words, simply go out and ask for the business.
  requirements: Watercolor painting techniques can be learned very easily, and there are many instruction classes available in almost every community to assist you in learning this painting technique. You will also need calendars to practice with, as well as providing you with an initial inventory. Of course if you find that your particular talents are better suited to the marketing side of the business, you can always enlist the services of hungry art students to produce the calendars. start-up costs: Even if you factor in the cost of art classes and materials to get started, the initial investment into this new venture will still be less than $500. If you choose the route of having others create the calendars for you, the startup costs could be cut in half, unfortunately so will the profits. profit potential: Hand-painted calendars retail in the price range of $60 to $100 each, and can go even higher if the theme is very elaborate. If you are painting the calendars yourself, you can keep your costs down to around $2 or $3 per calendar, including all materials. In terms of time to paint the 12 pictures required for the calendar, I am told by an artist friend that it would take about three to four hours in total to complete. Based on these figures you would expect to earn about $25 per hour, which is excellent for a business that can be started for less than $500.
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