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  Educational Toys business.

  Business Overview

  Traditional educational toys and games for children will always be popular and in-demand. You can design and develop the toys and games yourself or act as an agent for manufacturers. Both methods can be a very profitable way to earn an income and be self-employed. There are various approaches to marketing educational toys and games including the Internet, mail order, home parties, flea markets, and sales to specialty retailers on a wholesale basis. A unique marketing method may be to hold free seminars for parents with a central theme'perhaps 'improve your child's reading skills.' The seminar would state all the facts and benefits that improved reading comprehension has for their children. Of course, during the 'free seminar' you would promote the products you want the parents to purchase at the end of the seminar. If you choose this route, be sure to establish alliances with experts in the field of child education to speak at the seminars on the subject of the benefits of educational children's toys and games.
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