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  Nursery Designer business.

  Business Overview

  The recent surges in world stock markets have created a lot of new wealth, and with that, a lot of new ways for parents to indulge their children. I recently visited a designer who works from her home and exclusively designs baby nurseries for expecting parents. During this meeting, I gained great insights into this business and how to market this service. First lesson is to throw away everything you know about marketing and promote your service solely on 'goo goo ga ga' (as the designer puts it). What she means is that most of the decisions expecting parents make in terms of a baby nursery defy logic and are made on an emotional basis. Her secret to business success is to promote her design talents using elaborate displays at any trade show that is even closely associated with babies and children. This method of marketing enabled her to build a solid client and referral base, with very little (if any) competition at these trade shows. Of course, there are additional marketing options that are open to you in terms of promoting the design service, including working with architects, interior designers, retail children's stores, and custom homebuilders. If you can afford to purchase special designing software, do it. This will give you an advantage when you present your ideas and concepts to potential clients. Most of this software allows you to build a 3-D virtual tour model of the new room right on your computer. Also, make sure that your notebook computer will support these programs so you have the ability to make your presentations mobile.
  requirements: Like any design business, you will need a flair for the dramatic and solid design skills. You don't need formal training in most areas of the country as you are not generally changing the structure of the building. However, any certification credentials that you have will definitely be a great marketing tool to use in the business.
  start-up costs: Providing you already have access to computer equipment and programs, the investment capital required to get a nursery design service up and rolling will be less than $10,000.
  profit potential: The profits that can be earned as a nursery designer are excellent. The above-mentioned nursery designer is netting in excess of $80,000 per year after expenses.
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