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Sandbox Manufacturing

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  Sandbox Manufacturing business. Use creative carpentry skills to perfect playgrounds.

  Business Overview

  Custom sandboxes are the new hot product in the children's play equipment industry. Not the normal 5-foot by 5-foot poorly crafted sandboxes, but new megasandboxes based on a theme, such as outer space, cowboys or race cars. One manufacturer I recently spoke to expanded his operation of six full-time employees to more than ten, just to keep up with the demand of building and installing his custom 'Sand Play Centers' as he refers to them. This may be a great opportunity for you to introduce custom sandboxes into your area, given the number of children and backyards in this country. Even if there is competition, there should still be enough business to go around. The first step will be to design and develop your own products or to find an existing manufacturer and promote their products, preferably under your own company and brand name. Selling the sandboxes should not be difficult. Basically, once you have a sample, simply start to establish alliances with other companies in your community that also specialize in children's products. Likewise, displaying and marketing your products at home and garden trade shows can also be an excellent forum to introduce and promote your new products.
  Requirements: If you plan to design and manufacture your own custom sandboxes, you will probably be required to register the product to safety standards. You may also need specialized manufacturing equipment and skilled staff. Research various kinds of manufacturing material to find out what will best suit your particular application, and make your product safe, durable and easy to maintain.
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