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  Vending Information Website  business. Do you have what it takes to serve these specialized customers?

  Business Overview

  Food vending in North America is a multibillion dollar industry and, in the spirit of uniqueness, consider the following online business opportunity as a method to enter the vending industry. Develop a Web site that specializes in providing a one-stop source for vending information and details. The site can include a classified advertisement section featuring vending opportunities and vending equipment for sale as well as other information related to the food vending industry like articles on success stories, regulations, and scams in the marketplace. All services and information featured would be free for visitors to the site, and revenues can be earned by charging advertisers a fee for listing or posting their vending opportunities or equipment for sale in the classifieds. Marketing the site to the general public would be as easy as placing small classified advertisements in major daily newspapers under the business opportunity section. These ads give a brief explanation about the Web site and how to find it on the Internet.
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