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  Doll Making business.

  Business Overview

  It may not seem like it, but doll making and repairs is a giant segment of the craft and toy industry. To reinforce this, simply visit an antique shop that specializes in antique dolls or a retailer of new custom 'one of a kind' dolls, and you will soon see that the prices are out of this world. Like kite building, doll making can be started from home on a part-time basis. Once again, the dolls you make can be sold through retail accounts, kiosks, mail order, craft shows, and the Internet. This is an enterprise that requires very little in the way of start-up investment, and the ongoing monthly overhead adds up to what it costs to buy a bag of groceries. Once you have sharpened your skills in doll making, you can proceed to antique doll repairs. Some of the antique dolls that I came across were selling for as much as $500 for the 'real thing' and $300 for replicas of the original version. To get started in this aspect of the business, find out if doll making classes are available in your local community. If you find that these types of classes are not available in your community, then once you have mastered the art of doll making and repairs you can begin to hold your own 'how to' classes on nights and weekends to earn additional income. Do not forget that in the doll world all of these creations need accessories, houses, cars, clothes, kitchens, and other doll friends, thus a further opportunity exists.
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