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Farmers' Market

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  Farmers' Market business. Feed into the organic trend by organizing a farmers' market in your community.

  Business Overview

  Every community needs a farmers' market, so why not start one in yours? The business is very straightforward to start and operate. Simply secure leased premises large enough to be subdivided into 30 or 40 10-foot by 10-foot vendor booths. Once completed, the vendor booths can be rented to local farmers, specialty food manufacturers and craftspeople. Current rental rates for booths at farmers' markets are $75 to $125 per day. Assuming you had 30 booths rented once per week, four times per month the business would generate $12,000 per month in rental revenue, prior to operating expenses. The key to success in this type of business venture is to ensure the vendors that are participating in the market have high quality products.
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